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Nov 6, 2023 - Nov 10, 2023

B2B Sales Essentials

  • 5Days
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What is B2B Sales Essentials? B2B Sales Essentials is a five-day online program for professionals and teams eager to dominate the tech sales arena. Rooted in psychology, strategy, and actionable best practices, this course illuminates the path to B2B tech sales excellence. Day 1: TECH SALES 101 - Embark on a journey into sales, decoding its psychological, strategic, and skill foundations. Day 2: FINDING YORU IDEAL CUSTOMERS - Develop strategies to discover and engage with the customers most in harmony with your business value. Day 3: PROSPECTING & QUALIFICATION - Unlock the potential of pioneering technology to foster pivotal conversations and lay out a revenue-rich go-to-market strategy. Day 4: DISCOVERY & PRESENTATIONS - Harness insights, refine your pitch to spotlight your unmatched value, and evolve into a value conveyor rather than just a feature teller. Day 5: OBJECTIONS HANDLING & NEGOTIATIONS - Carve out lasting growth strategies. Design potent messaging, processes, and tools primed for challenging negotiations. Why Join? - Gain insights into the emotional and psychological dynamics of sales decision-making. - Harness technology for impactful prospecting and qualification. - Develop value-centric presentations attuned to your client's unique challenges. - Master objection mitigation and advanced negotiation arts. - Exclusive Access: Access to playbooks, sales strategies, call scripts, email blueprints, CRM workflows, and more.



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