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Customer Success Essentials

  • 5Days
Get a certificate by completing the program.
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


What is Customer Success Essentials? Customer Success Essentials offers a deep dive into cultivating and maintaining successful business relationships, with a focus on psychological and emotional engagement, and strategies for revenue retention and expansion. Day 1: INTRODUCTION TO CUSTOMER SUCCESS: Get introduced to the fundamental concepts of Customer Success, its importance in business relationships, and hear success stories from leading enterprises. Day 2: CUSTOMER SUCCESS 101: THE JOURNEY: Uncover the nuances of the entire customer journey, understanding the significance of each stage, and explore a case study on creating the ideal customer experience. Day 3: ONBOARD, ENGAGE, AND ADOPT: Learn how the initial 90 days can shape the customer relationship, from successful kickoff meetings to ensuring customers quickly see real value from your offerings. Day 4: RETENTION & GROWTH: Dive into strategies for long-term customer retention, creating effective growth plans, and building robust client relationships. Day 5: KPIS, DATA, AND MEASURING SUCCESS: Embrace the power of data, understanding key metrics like NPS and CSAT, and discover how to effectively measure customer health and satisfaction. Why Join? - Expertise Development: Master the art of building and retaining successful business relationships. - Practical Application: Experience hands-on learning with real-world case studies - Metrics Mastery: Acquire proficiency in using key performance indicator



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