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Drive positive change in your organization.

How We Help

Training Programs

Leverage in-class training and downloadable playbooks to elevate performance. Understand customer pain points, and identify how your solutions solve a problem.

Sales Intelligence

Connect with over 150 million verified emails & mobile numbers. Streamline sequences and workflows, powered by AI to drive revenue. Be empowered with Fresh and accurate data.

Sales Coaching

Business environments are rapidly changing. Blackbridge helps leaders implement strategies focussed on adding value and developing strong customer relationships.

Growth Consulting

Implement the daily behaviors and best practices that lead to performance improvement. Create new habits, mindsets, and decision-making heuristics through in-class activities.

CRM Optimization

Use the proven methodology to your advantage and grow your business effectively. Carefully select innovative tools to attract, engage and delight your targeted audience.

Customer Success Coaching

Transform CS into a revenue-producer. Our Customer Success solutions enable you to optimize the Customer Journey, Reduce Churn, Increase Engagement, and Maximize Customer Lifetime Value.

What Our Clients Say


Jacquie, Co-Founder

"Each week I came back with real results and learnings that I could use towards strengthening the playbook. Working with Vince gave me the confidence to lead my sales team, and lead Friendlier to rapid growth into new expanding markets."

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CRM Optimiztion
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