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Objection Playbook: Contract Negotiations

Have you ever reached finish line of a sales deal, only to have your prospects throw you a curveball at the last minute? Easily overcome common roadblocks with our Contract Negotiation Objection Handling playbook.

Customer Journey Map

In the contract negotiation process, objections from the prospect can arise due to a variety of factors beyond pricing. This comprehensive playbook features:

• 12 Common Sales Objections: Master the art of navigating the most frequently encountered objections in the sales process.
• 36 Sales Objection Rebuttals: Equip your sales reps with actionable, field-tested rebuttals to confidently overcome objections and close deals.
• Fear-Based Objections: Arise when the prospect is apprehensive about the potential negative consequences of the agreement.
• Trust-Based Objections: Occur when the prospect lacks faith in the sales rep, the company or the product.
• Money or Price-Based Objections: Occur when the prospect perceives the price to be too high and does not see the value in the product or service.
• Uncertainty-Based Objections: Arise when the prospect is not sure about the product, service or agreement.

Upgrade your sales team's skills and boost their performance with our adaptable and comprehensive Sales Objection Playbook. Begin using these proven strategies today!

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