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LinkedIn connection requests - What you're probably doing wrong!


LinkedIn is a powerful platform for networking and professional growth, with millions of connection requests sent every year. As a B2B salesperson, you probably send dozens of these messages daily, targeting individuals who fit your buyer persona. However, the truth is that most of these connection requests lack a clear plan to engage the prospect and get them talking.

What my Inbox looks like

So let's start our discussion with Exhibit A - the connection request above. I'm probably not the only one out there that receives several connection requests like this on a daily basis. A young and eager Business Development Rep might have found my profile and decided to add me as a connection. Is this better than a connection request with no note? Of course! it is!

You may be asking yourself... what's wrong with this connection request? At a glance, it might seem perfectly fine, but upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that the connection request adds no value for the recipient. There is no clear call to action, and the recipient is left wondering what the sender wants them to do next, aside from merely connecting.

Value-based LinkedIn connection request

A value-based LinkedIn connection request is designed to not only grab the recipient's attention but also demonstrate how connecting with the sender will provide tangible benefits.

SaaS companies are increasingly recognizing the power of value-based LinkedIn connection requests in converting leads to prospects and enhancing the velocity and quality of their sales funnel. By adopting this approach, they're able to stand out in a crowded marketplace, where many sales professionals still rely on generic, impersonal messages that fail to make a lasting impression.

By creating personalized and targeted connection requests, SaaS sales reps can pique the interest of their prospects and establish credibility from the outset. This helps foster a sense of trust and rapport, which is crucial in building lasting business relationships. Furthermore, offering value upfront, such as sharing valuable resources, insights, or case studies, showcases the company's expertise and commitment to helping prospects succeed.

How can we improve our LinkedIn Connection requests?

To truly make an impact and increase your chances of connecting with potential prospects, it's crucial to craft a value-based LinkedIn connection request. The anatomy of a compelling request begins with three essential components: personalization, relevance, and a clear call to action. To ensure that your connection requests are high-value and effective, follow these ten steps:

  1. Research the recipient's profile to understand their role, industry, and interests.

  2. Personalize your message by mentioning a specific aspect of their profile that caught your attention.

  3. Be concise and clear in your message; aim for two to three sentences.

  4. Demonstrate a genuine interest in their work or expertise.

  5. Offer value by sharing a relevant resource, article, or insight that may benefit the recipient.

  6. Establish a common ground by mentioning shared connections, groups, or interests.

  7. Include a clear call to action, specifying what you want the recipient to do next (e.g., accept your connection request, schedule a call, or discuss a potential collaboration).

  8. Be respectful and professional in your tone and language.

  9. Proofread your message for grammatical errors and typos.

  10. Follow up on your connection request after a reasonable amount of time, especially if you haven't received a response.

By incorporating these steps into your LinkedIn connection requests, you'll not only increase your chances of connecting with prospects but also pave the way for fruitful conversations and potential business opportunities. Remember, the key to success on LinkedIn is building meaningful relationships, and it all starts with a thoughtful, value-based connection request.

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Vince Bowry is the Founder of Blackbridge. For more information on our solutions, contact us.


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